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Shoulder Therapy
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  • Manual therapy

  • Joint Mobilization

  • Sports Rehabilitation


Pilates Therapy

Pilates therapy can correct a faulty movement pattern that may be the underlying cause of a chronic injury. The faulty movement can be broken down into component actions, isolated and treated using specially designed and proven apparatus to change the body's orientation to forces of gravity.  The movement sequences on various Pilates apparatus allow the practitioner to modify the load to facilitate efficient movement accurately without placing undue stress on other parts of the patient.  After Evaluating the patient's needs and assessing the desired movement outcome (be it walking, jumping, reaching or a job related activity), the Physical Rx therapist designs a similar movement but with the appropriate level of load to the limb or trunk to support it while it  heals.  The manipulation of the environment can dramatically hasten the neuromuscular re-education process and thus speed recovery and return to function.

Physical Therapy
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We utilize the latest, cutting edge therapy techniques to relieve pain and restore function. Strength, flexibility and proper movement patterns are improved using traditional physical therapy, Pilates therapeutic exercises or a combination of both. Pilates therapy combined with soft tissue and joint mobilization allows us to progress the patient further and faster than traditional therapy alone.

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