New Patients

If you have received a prescription from your doctor for physical therapy and are considering coming to Physical RX - Physical Therapy please call our office at 714-374-0233.  Please have the following information available:


  • Your primary and secondary insurance name

  • Your primary and secondary insurance policy number and group number

  • Your primary and secondary insurance phone number

  • Your name/address/date of birth/phone numbers (cell/work/home)

  • The reason for physical therapy – part of the body that is being treated and why

  • If it is due to a surgery we will need to know what type of surgery and the surgery date

  • What hours are the most convenient for you to come to physical therapy


Once we have receive all this information we will get you in to physical therapy with in 24 hours

After receiving an appointment please print the new patient forms - complete these forms and bring with you to your first appointment along with your insurance card(s)

Physical Rx

2100 Main Street, Suite 250
Huntington Beach, CA  92648
PHONE: (714) 374-0233
FAX: (714) 374-0244


Pilates • Strength • flexibility • Physical Therapy • Sports Clinic

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